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Locus Consulting

We are a planning and heritage consultancy at the forefront of delivering sustainable change in urban and rural landscapes. With over 20 years experience in the planning and heritage sectors our understanding of heritage management means we take fresh, forward looking, innovative and pragmatic approaches to problem-solving. We purposely divide our work between high-level strategic projects and smaller developments and community initiatives, allowing us to take local perspectives to identifying and responding to strategic issues.

Working throughout the UK, we provide services to private developers, national and local government, not for profit organisations and communities. We are dedicated to the needs of our clients and are able to take engaging approaches to consultation. We are accustomed to bringing multiple opinions together to deliver strong, effective and sustainable solutions.

Put simply, we are passionate about places; the communities and characteristics that come together to make them locally distinctive, now and in the future.

Further information:
Adam Partington
Tel: 07882 109149